December 7 2009

Cow Town

We are in Cow Country

Cow.jpg All I see is T-bones, Rib Eyes and 7 bone Roast, Hamburger.  What do you see?


4 Responses to “Cow Town”

  1. pipper says:

    yup me too! lol

  2. Charles says:

    Anyone remember Steven Seagal movie “Dead Man Walking” ? well after looking at this picture I see “Dead Cow Walking” I also see a new leather outfit for Bob tan & white tehe he’ll need new clothes if he eats all that cow.Bob btw you might wanna see a Dr. because I think you got a tate worm because your always HUNGRY.

  3. Munford says:

    You know your vegetables are good for you. You all leave this beautiful cow alone. What a beautiful creature!
    Now go eat your veggie soup, Bob! It is certainly cold enough for a good steaming bowl of veggie soup or stew today. Guess you are sweating tho in this weather. Cold to us Texans, but is your blood still running Alaskan?

  4. littlesnow says:

    Aww…come on, lol. I see a beautiful cow 🙂

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