December 5 2009


Sewing Circle

5679.jpg As you all know we have a community on the web, with irc, blogs and social networks.  Well, it’s the same at RV Parks, these ladies gather in a sewing circle.  A community of like minded folks who want  to share their company with others.  Humans are social animals.  These RV parks have special events that one can attend, social functions, dinners, games, pot lucks  and movies all depending upon what is available and the kind of facilities that there is.  These ladies were gracious enough to allow me to photograph them while they worked.  The making of quilts is a community affair.

Sometimes one finds a story within a story and this picture didn’t quite tell the whole story.

When Pete saw the “quilting bee” photo on your website, he wondered if you knew the story behind the quilts.

It seems that for more than a dozen years, the winter Texans have been helping out the needly children in the community.  Each year Marty who the kids call the Christmas Lady, contacts guidance counselor (or counselors – not sure how many schools are involved but I know there are more than one) to get a list of the needy children who will not have a Christmas without help.  Marty meets with the kids and parents to make a list of their requests.  Sometimes this is toys, but often it is the more basic needs like clothes.  She makes a list of these and Seniors from Colonia del Rey go to her and ask what she needs.  Especially this year, it is those basics that families cannot supply.

Many of these kids and their families are homeless.  It breaks your heart to hear Marty tell of a little 6 year old girls she talked to.  When the girl found out she was the Christmas Lady she told Marty that she knew she worked for Santa and would she be sure to let Santa know that she didn’t live in her house anymore.  She lived in their car and was afraid that Santa wouldn’t find her.  Marty assured her that she was sure Santa already knew, but she’d pass along the message to be sure.

Besides the clothes, etc. these kids get, each one is given a warm quilt, one of those you saw the ladies working on.  One of the ladies here is sure that no doll goes out without a handmade set of clothes and a doll blanket.  Another lady or ladies (not sure which) knits all year so she can send bags of matching hats and mittens to the local schools where the guidance counselors make sure kids who really need them get them.

These elves are not just busy at Christmas, but during the school year they provide food too.   Many of the kids get a good meal at school during the week, but do not have adequate food on the weekends.  People in the park give Marty individually wrapped food items -granola bars, fruit cups, juice boxes, peanut butter crackers, etc.  Marty takes they to the school (or schools) where that guidance counselors make “backpack food sacks” to tuck into backpacks on Friday so the kids will have something to eat on the weekends.

So that’s the rest of the story these humble ladies and others like them did not tell you.

Pete, Barb, and Meggie


8 Responses to “Community”

  1. Charles says:

    Bob there you go if you need any repairs or need a new Santa suit then you and Deb can go there.I’m thinking they’d be tickled to death to work on a Santa suit but in return hehe they might wanna set on Santa’s knee & tell you what they want for Christmas

  2. erics says:

    It’s like summer camp for gray-haired people… Way too much fun!!!

  3. littlesnow says:

    Just goes to show how really social ppl are & that they need other ppl. Great pic!

  4. Suzie says:

    What a heart warming story. These people are more than RV’ers, snow birds, retirees or what ever. They are angels. Angels go where they are needed, it’s as simple as that. May God bless each and every one.

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    It must seem effortless, as they’re having fun while doing such nice things for the community.

  6. NanaH says:

    This is such a great story. Thank you for sharing it with us. I can only hope to find a group such as this one to share with!!

  7. Jojo says:

    what a great story. It breaks my heart though, that in a rich country like the US this is happening – whole families living in cars, and I hear it is not just people with drug or alcohol-related problems.
    Western-Europe is growing more like the US, it is the role model we see in the movies and in world politics. I hope we don’t adopt the growing gat beteween rich and poor.
    I will sure try to remember it next paycheck when I pay so much taxes because of our expensive social benefits and welfare system.

  8. Bill Jenkins says:

    I’m going to bookmark this blogg on Digg to get more traffic for you.

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