November 29 2009

Pain Med Junkies

I know a person who has had a hard time in life, but much of this has been brought on by his addiction and others in his life who were addicted to pain medications.  I think being hooked on pain medication for any period of time addles the brain.  Specially if abused not for pain but because you just want to feel good, then you take another pill and another.  Until the delusions of grandeur and good health emanates only out of a plastic pill bottle.  The illusion is as soon as they are able to, they will do something different and worthwhile.  They have all these grandiose ideas.  The problem is, they don’t ever do anything different, much less worthwhile, they just gobble up a few more pills and talk about doing something different.  I’ve watched a few exposes on people who are addicted to this oxycodone but I’ve never seen what it does personally until recently.  Now I’ve seen the results of the abuse of this drug up close and personal.  I’ve reached a few conclusions.  If they don’t find help, it is a spiraling drive down a short road to certain death.  One pill at a time until they no longer have the mental capabilities to not overdose themselves much less have  a life of any consequence.  They have always said you should walk a mile in a mans moccasins before judging him.  I’m sorry I can’t do that, it’s one trail I just won’t follow and in my judgement, it’s a pure fools folly to think this drug does anyone any good.


2 Responses to “Pain Med Junkies”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    A sad story. It may be time for an itervention to get your friend into rehab. I don’t know the procedure for an intervention, but perhaps getting in touch with people at a local rehab center might be informative.

  2. littlesnow says:

    It’s an all to familiar, sad story. Addiction is extremely hard on all involved & definitely can’t be treated on your own. I speak from experience.

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