November 23 2009

Long Time Ago

Use to be Home

Norvel.jpg This was my Aunt & Uncles house where I spent time as a teenager.  I just had to post a picture of it for my Aunt and Cousins.  It seems like such a long time ago and it was.  As I stood there taking this picture, the memories came flooding back.  Oh so many memories.  Have you ever done that, returned to a child hood home?  I knocked on the door and asked if I could take the picture.  Who ever owns this refused to open the door and spoke to me through the window giving me permission to take the photo.  I guess it is understandable, with the way I look.   Nonetheless, as I took the pictures the flood of memories was overwhelming.


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  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Did your Aunt and Uncle plant that tree?

    I found where I lived when I was a kid on google street view. It seemed both familiar and different and also brought a flood of memories.

    Did you give the new owners the address of your blog?

  2. Databrokers says:

    Hi Z,

    I don’t know if they planted that tree or not. I don’t remember it being there. I left there in 1968, to go into the Army. Forty years is a long time ago so the tree could have been planted after I left. I didn’t get to give the new owners the blog address, they were a little afraid of me I think. I mean a fellow with long hair and a big white beard knocking on the door is a bit intimidating in some aspects I assume. Nonetheless, I understand what your saying about being both familiar and different. It certainly was.

  3. pocoblu says:

    I find memories like that to be overwhelming too – the sights and sounds and smells take you right back to the days of past – even your photo above is taking me there now.

    I only went on one vacation when I was a child and that was to my Uncle’s home in Corpus Christi on Hamlin Drive, which looked much like the one above, where he had lived most of his life as a Commander in the Navy. It is also similar in the way that he and my Aunt traveled around the country in their RV much like you and Deb now.

    Thank you for sharing your photo and story. Your paying it forward has put me in the very same light of the past.

  4. Jojo says:

    lovely post, thank you.
    I feel bad though for the current owners: now that they haven’t let santa in, there might not be any presents for them in a few weeks…

  5. KingFisher907 says:

    too bad they wouldnt let you in…but now that i think about it, i dont blame them! just kiddin!!!
    glad to you got spend some time there…I guess what they say is true, we cant ever go home again..

  6. littlesnow says:

    Very poignant post, Bob. I do know what;s that is like. glad you had the chance to experience it.

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