November 21 2009

Service After Sales

Sometimes, people surprise this old squirrel.  Today was one of those days.  I think all who read this blog have been following the trials and tribulations that we have been having over this axle recall on the RV.  Today, Brad, the salesman from McClains RV Super Store in Fort Worth Texas contacted me over the phone concerning the axle issue.  He has been following the blog and on his own initiative contacted the companies Service Department Head to go over the issue.  Together they researched it and after making sure what the GVW of this unit was as posted on the tag, they have settled the  issue of the axles to my determination.  They have determined that I have the correct axles under this model of North Shore.  Service beyond the call of duty so to speak.  It’s something so sadly missing in many companies today.  Thanks for following up on this Brad.  I do appreciate it.   If your looking for a RV, check out McClains RV Super Stores.


5 Responses to “Service After Sales”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    It sounds like it’s settled. Now you can go back on the road when you feel like it without worrying about the axle. Your dealership seems to be run by some good people.

  2. pocoblu says:

    Kudos to Brad for taking good care of Santa – this is his busiest travel time of year afterall

  3. Lynn30 says:

    That’s great!!! So good to hear the news. Thanks Brad…GOOD WORK!!

  4. oregon says:

    Nice to know there are still folks out there like Brad. Thanks, Brad, for taking care of our squirrel guy!

  5. littlesnow says:

    It’s heartwarming to know that ppl like that still exist. Glad it all worked out for you guys.

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