November 21 2009

Night Time Visitor

Every Night

visitorlastnight.jpg Every night they are showing up to the feeder


4 Responses to “Night Time Visitor”

  1. Charles says:

    Hey Bob WELCOME TO MY WORLD hehe wait till he brings all of his buddies theres a good chance you’ll end up with
    4-5-6 or more coons on the feeder @ the same time.I started out with 1 coon now I’ve got @ least 6 that I’ve counted & they could be more then 6 that shows up after I go to bed

  2. richart says:

    Hey Bob, I happened to be watching Saturday morning about 4:00AM and watched this guy/gal? eating breakfast – or was it a late night snack – and thought to myself that will be the subject of the next pic Bob posts. No doubt you are following the cold temps way up north. That is colder than normal for this early in the season from my recollection of 1973-1976 at Ft Wainwright. I can imagine you sitting at the computer looking at the arcticcam with a smile on your face and thinking “I hope it doesn’t get too warm here today in Corpus Christi” ha ha ha. Enjoy!

  3. KingFisher907 says:

    I havnt seen one of those critters in a coons age 😉

  4. littlesnow says:

    Coons are cute but can be scary.

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