November 20 2009

Skeptical Squirrel

Axle Saga Update

5526.jpg Update from the phone call to the factory this morning says the skeptical squirrel is that everything is kosher.  Nothing is wrong with the ratings or axels on this RV says the factory representative.  It’s not one of the ones they are recalling.  She went into a long explanation of why.  I’m not sure I quite understand it but will take their word for it.  If something happens you can bet this old squirrel will be looking for a lawyer if I’m alive to find one.

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5 Responses to “Skeptical Squirrel”

  1. FLNative says:

    Well Skeptical Squirrel – Maybe you better get it in writing!!!

  2. Lynn30 says:

    I wonder what the defference is between the ones that ARE recalled and yours…yes in writing please. Hope it works out OK and no one is trying to pull the wool over your eyes Bob.

  3. Lynn30 says:


  4. Charles says:

    I agree get in in writing because car dealerships RV dealerships Realtors trying to sell a house all have one thing in
    common they want your MONEY & wants you to sign on the dotted line even if it means blowing smoke were the sun
    don’t shine & after that your on your own & they got there commishin.For your sake Bob I hope this is on the up & up.The axle is rated @ 4400 lbs whats the GVW of the RV ?

  5. Databrokers says:

    Charles, I got a phone call today from Brad, the salesman at McClains RV Super Store who sold me the RV. He’s been following my blog and the recall issue on the trailers axles. He himself, got a hold of the head man of the Companies Service Department to go over this recall. So, there is a after sales concern from a Dealership you don’t see much of anymore. According to the GVW of this unit, I’m not one of the recalled units. Thanks Brad, for following my blog and thanks McClains for making sure my unit is safe and secure.

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