November 20 2009

Confusion and Uncertainty over Recall Notice on Axles

Recall Notice from the Government’s web site


This is the recall notice on the NHTSA Web Site that I’m basing my findings on.  Yesterday the dealership McLain’s RV called me and said that Dutchmen’s Representative told them that my unit wasn’t one of the ones affected by this recall.  Now I’m really confused, since I’ve crawled under the unit and took the below picture.


Now what would any prudent person think by looking at those axel tags and the recall notice above.  I would think someone has made a big mistake in saying my unit isn’t one of the affected ones on the recall notice.  Tomorrow I’ll call the factory again and see if I can straighten this out.  I’ve been hanging around not moving because of this issue, being it would be unsafe to travel with under rated axels.


6 Responses to “Confusion and Uncertainty over Recall Notice on Axles”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    You have some real evidence to show them.

    I wonder how many people have been told that their vehicle isn’t one that’s covered by the recall and don’t have the wherewithal to follow through.

    If they give you a hard time you could casually mention that you’re keeping all your blog readers updated on the progress of this situation.

  2. Charles says:

    DA they are so full of it that it’s NOT FUNNY you have photo proof of there screw up so e-mail it to them and like Z from Chicago said tell’em about your blog readers word of mouth CAN be a very bad thing.I think they should go ahead & suck it up replace the axle get over it & move on.That would be much cheaper then a law suit because they installed they wrong type axle.

  3. Databrokers says:

    Okay, I just got off the phone with the factory Representative. She swears up and down my RV isn’t on the recall notice. it’s the heavier Units that are on the list according to my VIN# She went into a long explanation of the Axel weights and the Hitch Weights being a certain percentage fo the GVW weight. And my axels are the correct rated ones. Well, I’ve got this documented, so if you hear of our death due to a crash or I post our RV is destroyed by a axel failure long the road somewhere. Please, sue the pants off them will you. If I’m able I will.

  4. Z from Chicago says:

    Tell them that you generally load up your RV above the 4400 lb. limit so they better replace the axle.

    If anything happens to youz guys, we’ll find a sharp lawyer and file a class-action suit. Theft of esthetic services, maybe?

  5. Michel says:

    Hello Databrokers, and you all
    What model of Dutchmen travel trailer have you got?
    I think I have the same problem.
    I am starting research on this subject.
    What has happen since?

  6. Databrokers says:

    My unit after some research was determined not to be the ones recalled. Nonetheless, I would continue to research it for your determination. Better to be safe than sorry.

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