November 18 2009

Watering Hole

RV Park Cats

RVParkCat.jpg RV Park cats have found the feeder is a nice place for a fresh drink of water and free groceries.  We have been feeding them, and now they come to door and meow for breakfast and dinner.


5 Responses to “Watering Hole”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    A pretty cat. Do they go after the birds and sqirrels? Is it a stray or does it belong to someone in the park? If it belongs to someone then what you feed it is probably tastier than what it gets at home. Unless it comes by your place because of the novelty (and the proximity to the bird feeder). You say you’ve been feeding “them”. How many are there?

  2. pipper says:

    bob what a cute pic of the kitty, need help with some kitty food, email me ur address and send a care package!!

  3. richart says:

    makes me think of that saying, “dogs have owners; cats have staff”

  4. Charles says:

    Be very careful thats a Bobcat they are onery as hell they’ll whoop your BUTT in a heart beat

  5. littlesnow says:

    Pretty cat, glad he’s getting some good groceries 🙂 I saw one the other night passing by the feeder.

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