November 14 2009

-26 below in North Pole

76 Above On the Beach

BlueHerons.jpg We got up this morning and checked the temperatures in North Pole, -26 degrees it said on the Internet.  It was 76 degrees here in Corpus Christi so we went to beach to celebrate.

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7 Responses to “-26 below in North Pole”

  1. pipper says:

    lol…its great anit it lol

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    What did you do with the fancy snow scoop you had?

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    Nice pose!

  4. Charles says:

    Thats one hell of a long neck.-26 North Pole & 76 Corpus Christi ball park of 90 degree difference well thats a very good reason for Santa to hit the beach & make like a Beluga

  5. Databrokers says:

    We sold it before we left Z, and you know what I don’t miss it one little bit. lol

  6. BruceB says:

    Bob, thanks for all the great pictures and telling us about what is going on with you in your new living arrangements.

    Strange how much life can change in one year. And winter is just beginning up in Alaska. It won’t be 76 in Alaska for quite a while.

    Take care and glad you are enjoying life. We all should try more.

  7. jack & debbye says:

    bob, i lost the dam reply here….damn!
    any way abt the cell phones i have had ALL of them, and I found ATT to have the best nationwide coverage.
    as i do not use nationwide nor will i be charged by the bit(a new trick by att) sale women was furious that i had “unlimited data” and insisted i be charged by the bit, i am dropping ATT, we trade onthe forex, 26 bits a month), and we now have verizon cable data only, and will be setting up a VOIP phone this week, It is like magic jack but with service via phone power. this will cut our bill from $189.00 a month to abt 60.00.
    For your use make sure they DONt charge by the bit, and it all comes down to where you will use it, for x, using verizon in MI or srpint is not possible, as u can never get on line or use a cell there…att did work there so i went with em.
    I’m happy to get off the att, and the lack of service was NATION WIDE as well….constant bill adj, constant breaking of wireless dongles and more months of bill adjustments….”U do not have insurence, OH yes you do, but it does not cover the wireless access dongle etc…UGH. The att sales staff was changing each week in INDY, and the store is the only way to get service so, they screw ya all the time, it WAS tax deductible so i paid for it, no longer.
    jack and debbye,
    (it was +35 last night so it was firing up the air tight stove last night– we are @ 4000 ft so it is cooler than palm springs, eh? it will heat up to 70 later today.)

    I’ll drop you a call or email you with our new phone nbrs when we get it all set up this week.

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