November 13 2009

Things You Don’t See

Difference between Here and There

Oddtrees.jpg Things you don’t see in Fairbanks, Alaska.  Snow Geese and those funny looking trees in the back ground.  I just spoke with my daughter in Fairbanks and they are expecting temperatures down into the -20s this weekend.   That something you don’t see in Corpus Christi.  lol   Viva La Difference

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2 Responses to “Things You Don’t See”

  1. Charles says:

    hehe if there was Snow Geese in Fairbanks Alaska this time of the year good luck on seeing them.

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    Isn’t -20 a little early in the season? I bet the people who bought your place appreciate all the work you put in chopping firewood.

    Those are funny-looking trees. They plant about a dozen or so of that kind of tree in the sand at one of the beaches in Summer here in Chicago. But I don’t think it fools anyone.

    Do the Snow Geese winter in Corpus Christi or do they go even further South?

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