November 12 2009

Snow Geese

Snow Goose


Snow geese in a pond in the middle of a huge plowed field with a large tractor and a large gang plow working the field as we were there.  Years ago during the Exxon Oil Spill, in our old Ford truck we had a snow goose cardboard replication hanging from the mirror.  I placed it there because I love the snow goose when I was a kid here in this area and we didn’t have them in the Interior of Alaska.  I’m sure some of my readers who knew us in Alaska will remember that old brown truck with our camper on the back.  It was our little home during that summer when both Debbie and I worked in Valdez on the Oil Spill.

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  1. rolaids says:

    been wathcing my house sparrows out front thinking of them crazy redpolls, not so different when i think about it, lol

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