November 11 2009

Axel Update

Axel Update

The wheels are beginning to turn on the replacement axels, I received a call from the Service Department of McClains RV concerning the recall on the axles.  They were in the process of ordering the correct axels and I was told after inquiring about having it fixed here.  Being it’s a safety issue the representative agreed that it could be done in place here at the RV park once the Parts are ordered received and a Mechanic hired to replace them on the vehicle.

Until they are replaced we are anchored down here in Corpus Christi.  Overall it’s not a bad place to be anchored down at.  The weather compared to the Old Permafrost Ranch is a world of difference, maybe just maybe, the 5000 miles plus has much to do with that.

Iphone and AT&T Customer Lack of Service

The I Phone Saga is on going after a lengthy discussion with a AT&T supervisor, I was told they don’t know how I was allowed to use the phone as my internet connection to begin with.  They never authorized such a service and their representative who sold me the phone must have been mistaken.  They wanted to call the North Pole office with me on the phone to show me that they were setting the record and that representative straight.  I guess they don’t read the articles on the Internet concerning this issue for example this article on Computer World.  The implied usage of the service for the length of time I used it, July to Sept, didn’t represent their tacit approval of that option and wasn’t a breach of contact by them with the removal of the  service and that option on the phone.  But if I would pay them $160.00 dollars they would release me from my contract.  Now remember the day before I talked to three different people from AT&T will all of them assuring me that I could tether the IPone to my laptop for internet service.  So, I suppose I could terminate the service and use the APPLE Iphone as a fishing weight down at the Bob Hall pier and at least get some of my money back if I’m lucky enough to catch something to eat for dinner.  With what I’m paying AT&T to break a broken contract, I’m sure they will be eating steak.   I have no choice but to terminate the service I’m afraid.  The out right amount of balderdash they were giving me over the phone should make anyone who’s thinking of using their services to think twice.

I’ve been a APPLE fan for years, but this phone and the service I’m receiving from AT&T has left a sour taste in my mouth.  There is no alternative service to use with the phone.  My only choice is to purchase a new phone and contract from another carrier such as Verizon.  I would like to hear any and all comments from my readership as to what they think and if they have Verizon services.

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  1. LordKaT says:

    Verizon is more of a bureaucratic nightmare than AT&T, to be sure. If you’re going to use the Droid, you’ll pay $200 for the phone, plus $150/month for 5GB of data. You also can’t tether the Droid right now, but they’re coming out with a tethering option for an additional $50/month (in addition to the required data plan).

    That’s way too much money just to talk to someone.

  2. Z from Chicago says:

    You’re technologically ahead of the times.

    Can’t help you on your connection nightmare–I don’t even own a cell phone.

    Good to hear that your axle problem is working out smoother than your phone problem. (It’s old technology.)

  3. ncbill69 says:

    Great Blue Heron

  4. erics says:

    Funny thing happened to me… I liked the applications available on the iPhone but I am a T-Mobile customer. So I started reading about using an iPhone on the T-Mobile network (both are GSM networks). I started reading more on about how to unlock and jailbreak the iPhone and to my surprise, there are quite a few T-Mobile customers using iPhones on their network. The most interesting comments had to do with customer service; many found the T-Mobile Customer Service far superior to AT&T’s Customer Service when dealing with the Apple iPhone.

    Even though I have unlocked/jailbroken my iPhone, I haven’t bothered tethering it to a PC yet. Altyhough I am using T-Mobiles least expensive data plan ($10/mo) for my data service. I don’t do very much online with the iPhone so I don’t need a very fast/elaborate network connection (T-Mobile uses Edge which is the same as AT&T used in the areas not on the “map for that”).

    Hopefully this isn’t too confusing…

    BTW, another thing you could do is get something like a Ubuquiti PowerStation used for about $150 and set it up to receive a Wi-Fi internet connection. This is a rather large (20×12) flat panel that will receive a signal up to 40 miles over unobstructed terrain (or good for getting into the park’s Wi-Fi network from the back of the park in their “dead zone”.

  5. Databrokers says:


    Thanks, for your information and I’m really intrigued by this Ubuquiti PowerStation antenna. I google it but I’m not really understanding how I would attach it to the computer or use it, but it may be a cheap solution to my weak signal I get at this RV park. Or other parks, and places I may be staying at. Can you email me, and we will discuss this further.


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