November 10 2009

Cam Down Temporarily

Trouble in Paradise


Well, our I-phone died the day before yesterday so we are working on getting this one repaired, being it’s under warranty still, and we have to send it back to Apple.  They are sending us a replacement one until our older one is repaired.  They also said we can revert back to the older os that will allow us to tether.  I wanted out of our AT & T contract if we couldn’t tether the phone.  The reason we purchased that phone to begin with was its ability to do that.  So, they say we will be able to tether the laptop again.  I have  my doubts as to this being so, but we will see. Until then the streaming will be down.  I swear here lately it’s been one thing or another that forces me to jump through a myriad  of hoops to accomplish anything at all.  Plus the cost.   I had to purchase another month of wireless coverage from the provider here.  My internet addiction won’t allow me to be unconnected for even a single day.  I go into deep withdrawals.  I get nervous, my fingers start to twitch and I break out into a sweat.  The whole body begins to shake when my hand nervously plays over the laptop, constantly clicking on the browser icon only to see a can’t connect to internet splash screen.  I swear it’s as bad as drugs or tobacco.

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3 Responses to “Cam Down Temporarily”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    I read someplace that the Apple folks are going to get together with Verizon.

    At least, if your internet connections are down, you can look at the pretty cardinals (and that one is particularly pretty), go walk on the beach and develop closer relationships with the squirrels. As for the shaking, put on some music and pretend you’re dancing.

  2. Melissa says:

    Bob, we have Verizon and I am not impressed. Actually we had Alltel, but then they were bought out by Verizon. We started getting roaming charges all of a sudden in our home area and one Verizon rep. told me it was because we were using non verizon towers. Bull! I was so mad but what is a person to do? These huge corporations have us bent over. I talked with another Verizon rep and got the charges taken off, but we’ll see if it happens again. Good luck to you in your cell phone and axel problems. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful weather!

  3. hmm well this is cool thing for me, have always enjoyed off the roof stuff. By the way cool blog you got there bud 😉

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