November 8 2009

The Power of the Internet and Twitter

I just watched this video with Chris Pirillo and the question of what is Twitter good for.   I agree with Chris, that it’s not good for conversation but this posting is to give an example of what I think it is good for.  As many of you know, I’ve left Alaska and sold the Permafrost Ranch and traded it all in for a fifth wheel RV (Recreational Vehicle).  We have become a road warriors, nomads or gypsies on the road.

We purchased this brand new RV in August at a Dealership in Burleson Texas, and have had some trouble with it but overall it’s been a good rig.  As I’m a internet junkie and somewhat a geek, I was one of the first adopters of Twitter.  I follow along several different RV sites they use Twitter just for informational purposes and interest.  One of them is rvtravel on twitter or is their web page.

On the 4th of November the site posted a twtter post:  Dutchmen RV recalling certain travel trailers with incorrect axles. that showed a recall in place from the NHTSA organization.  I didn’t know if my unit was one of the one involved until I climbed under the RV and checked the tags on the axels and it was the lighter axels numbered and rated according to the posting from NHTSA.

Well, then I tried contacting the manufactures webpage for a phone number to contact them about the recall.  I didn’t have much luck with that, got a number to call but no answer, put on hold for over 1/2 an hour trying to get through.  Lucky for me, one of our neighbors knew someone in CCRV’s service department here in Flour Bluff, they got me a viable phone number for Dutchmen after complaining to them explaining the difficulties I was having.

This is where the story gets interesting, upon calling the Dutchmen factory I got a hold of a woman who was in charge of the recalls of any RV’s made by them.  She told me, she hadn’t even heard of the recall on any trailers.  I pointed out the web page and gave her the address on the web, whereupon she looked it up and was amazed.  She then told me it was her job to notify owners if there was a recall on the units.  She herself had not heard that they were recalling these units.

There it is in a nut shell, the power of Twitter and the Internet, finding information even before the very companies themselves know of it.  I’m was completely bowled over by this fact.  We are in the process of getting the axels replaced and hopefully it won’t be long before we are back on the road.

6 Responses to “The Power of the Internet and Twitter”

  1. littlesnow says:

    Amazing story….glad you’re getting the axles fixed.

  2. Fort says:

    This is why I’ve always called Twitter a communications network and NOT a social network. I like the interaction with people on Twitter, but I’m mostly there to find out about things beyond my little valley. The chances of my doing any great traveling is slim now, but I can hear what people in other parts of the country, and the world, have to say about where they are. And in this case, it may just have saved a few lives.

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    Wow. Thank goodness you found out now and not on some mountain pass.

    Good thing it’s not 1849 when you would have been in your canvas-covered RV on your way from the East coast to California. A broken axle may have meant that you’d have to found a town right where it happened.

  4. brad says:

    sorry to hear about the axles, but glade you found out about it. i just called our service dept to let them know. iam glade i keep looking at your blog to see the pics and see how you guys are. thanks for all the hard work it takes to keep this going.
    brad kimler@mcclainsrv

  5. Lynn30 says:

    All the cogs in a wheel make it turn. Looks like a few cogs are working together here.

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