November 5 2009

Drum Group

Native American Indian Drum Group


Last night Debbie & I were honored to be able to sit and drum with a local Drum Group here in Corpus Christi, Texas led by Larry Running Turtle Salazar, a local leader of the South Texas Alliance of Indigenous People.  He’s working in conjunction with Dr. Fred M. McGhee, Ray McMurray, and Dave McGary to build a bronze sculpted monument to be erected at the site of a historic Indian burial ground.  The proposed site is known as 41NU2 by the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory.  This location is the second largest Indian burial ground in the state of Texas according to evidence found in the 1930’s.  For more information please contact Larry at or

To help and to donate please go to this site for further information


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  1. Z from Chicago says:

    It’s great that you’ve had an opportunity to be with this group.

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