November 2 2009

Breakfast at the Feeder

Mocking Bird Breakfast

mockingbirdbreakfast.jpg Breakfast at the Squirrel Cam feeder for this Mocking Bird


5 Responses to “Breakfast at the Feeder”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Are you supplying them with moths as well as seeds?

  2. Charles says:

    Bob’s feeding a Mocking Bird @ the feeder Oh Bob you better get something out there Old Yellow Evil Eye will eat before he comes
    back & starts with the evil eye on you remember he’s already for warned you that he needs food

  3. Anna Kayner says:

    Have to ask if you have met Verl and Mary Bishop yet? They are in the same park.

  4. Databrokers says:

    Hello Anna, I don’t think we have met them, It’s a big park and do you know what there trailer spot number is. I would love to stop and say hello if you do. Nonetheless, thanks for watching and commenting on the blog.

  5. Anna Kayner says:

    They are in 32-18 Travel Supreme with Red Ford F250. They will be at potlucks and happy hours.

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