October 26 2009

To those having problems with the chat

Problems with Mibbit Chat


Well some squirrel must have chewed the code on the mibbit chat, so as soon as we can we will try to get it fixed.  I’m looking for the LeprechauN to help alleviate the situation, but he must be out guarding his pot of gold under some rainbow somewhere.  So stick with me and the rest of the squirrels, we will have it back up and running smooth as soon as we can.


3 Responses to “To those having problems with the chat”

  1. littlesnow says:

    Nice to see some squirrels there 🙂

  2. SilverBelle says:

    Hi Bob:
    We’ve been followjng your journey and thinking about you both !
    Mel’s down flat with a pinched nerve in his neck. Boy is he miserable !

  3. SilverBelle says:


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