October 24 2009

Texas Squirrels

Texas Fox Squirrels


I suppose folks wonder why I do what I do.  My photographs don’t mean a lot to many, I guess it’s just a moment in time in the life I see around me.  I don’t do it for fame or money.  I don’t really do it for anyone else but myself.  This life that I’m leading now with my loving wife Debbie has it’s challenges.  I owe a lot of folks a great deal for helping me even do what I do.   My web provider Blaster.tv and LeprechauN and the good folks of WyldRyde.org.  They are as much a part of my life as my family is.  If nothing else, I hope people see some of the pictures I take and just enjoy them as much as I enjoy taking them.


4 Responses to “Texas Squirrels”

  1. Charles says:

    Bob it appears that he’s eating very well hehe he’s got a potbelly or that’s a begining of a bubble butt if you look to the right of this pictutre you’ll see what I’m talking about none the less it’s a great picture

  2. dequilter says:

    Hey Charles, think you are looking at his left leg (knee and hip). can’t see butt from that angle.
    Bob, I really enjoy all the pictures and blogs. After I read my emails then I go directly to your site to see what’s new. Please keep up the good work. By the tone in your voice it sounds like you have had some doubts about moving and traveling around. Just think of the adventures you have had and all the beauty you have seen . They say to surrround yourself with things you love and you will be at peace. At least you are out of the cold and snow and can enjoy more that is around you. It is a cold rainy day here and when I look at your pictures of sunny warm days in Texas it warms me up. Keep going with the pictures and blogs they are sooooo enjoyable. Jean

  3. pocoblu says:

    through your eyes, and your lens Bob, many of us see what we would never see in our daily lives

    i’m not quite sure if you follow nature or if nature follows you but i whole-heartedly thank you for sharing with all of us

  4. littlesnow says:

    I really enjoy all your pics, Bob. It’s very cool to see a slice of someone else’s life.

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