October 23 2009

Weather or Not

Just a Tease

Yesterday, Debbie and I took a drive down to Down Town Corpus Christi.  The weather was so fine it had me smiling and laughing all the way.  We had the windows down, the Chunky Monkey was hanging out the window the whole way.  So you folks up there in the Great Land, this is just to tease you.  I remember what it’s like in late October in Alaska.  In fact I remember it being -30 on Halloween day.  There is much about Alaska I do miss but the cold and snow isn’t on that list.  Here we are singing out song, down by the sea.  Don’t you wish you were here with us.


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  1. bowlingmom says:

    LOL…except this year the temp is not too bad & no snow…at least from what I can see on web cams around the state. Even Barrow doesn’t appear to have to much snow yet.

    Glad you are enjoying our southern weather!!!!
    Have fun!

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