October 21 2009

Breakfast at the Bar

Okay, I’m back


Look who returned for breakfast today.  This little male has found the breakfast bar.


5 Responses to “Breakfast at the Bar”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    He appears to be quite excited about finding something to eat.

    I see why they’re called “fox squirrels.” Their faces are pointier than the Alaska variety.

    For such a little guy, he has big feet.

  2. richart says:

    A star is born!!

  3. Charles says:

    Bob no wonder your thinking you’ve got coons because I see corn & TRUST me coons love corn

  4. Lynn30 says:

    Really Z this guy has some BIG feet. I miss Bubba. He was so cute.

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    Lynn, big feet=big heart?

    I miss Bubba as well.

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