October 20 2009

First Squirrel on the Feeder

First Little Foxer on the Feeder

Fox1.jpg The first little foxer was on the feeder today.  There was two of them one on the electric pole next to the RV and the dang cat was prowling the area below the RV next door.  Hopefully, I can entice them to come more often to the feeder if I can chase the cat away.


4 Responses to “First Squirrel on the Feeder”

  1. Charles says:

    Hot dam it’s about time those tree rats showed up.build it & they will come.let’s hope these 2 will spread the word & as far as the cat
    goes,, turn Monkey The Cat Terminator loose,,problem solved.Any other problems I can help you with ? then let me know

  2. dequilter says:

    Your right Charles, turn Monkey loose , let him earn his keep. Darn cats. Makes you think of Bubba , only the skinnier version. 🙂 Delaware

  3. pocoblu says:

    finally they saw the squirrel stickers on the trailer and came running back to Santa – woohoo!

  4. littlesnow says:

    Awww…he’s too precious! Nice to see some squirrels back 🙂

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