October 19 2009


Female Gold Fronted Wood Pecker


I believe this is a female golden fronted woodpecker


6 Responses to “WoodPeckers”

  1. pocoblu says:

    hmmm – she sure doesn’t look like Woody the Woodpecker…

  2. pipper says:

    wow what a pretty bird!

  3. dequilter says:

    In the previous picture, what is the squirrel eating ???

  4. dequilter says:

    Yes, that is a Melanerpes aurifrons .
    This familiar woodpecker is common in the parks and shade trees of Texas towns and cities.
    It is a close relative of and resembles the Red-bellied Woodpecker that is found in the southeast. Jean , De

  5. Charles says:

    So were’s Woody the WoodPecker ? His wife,girlfriend or mistress is looking for him.Dequilter Bob seems to think the squirrel is eating the stem from a mushroom

  6. dequilter says:

    Thanks Charles , yes when you mention that, I looked again and it does seem to be a stem of a mushroom. He seems to like the brown part that is left from under the cap of the mushroom. I must have looked at that video at least 8 times. I hope the wild mushroom is not poisonous to the squirrel like it is to humans. Delaware

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