October 11 2009

Under the Board Walk

4 Responses to “Under the Board Walk”

  1. dotolive says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh does that bring back memories!!! Thank you bob for posting that!! That was so wonderful. I almost cried! ~~~ sniff~~

  2. Charles says:

    Man thats an oldie but goodie.You can tell that by a lot of things but mostly by the womans swimsuits.Bumper cars are a blast only time you can ram someone & get away with it.Old Ferris Wheel it’s a hoot to be stopped on the top & rock the chair hehe that’s why
    my wife won’t ride them with me anymore.Bob like dotolive said thanks alot for posting that @ our ages that does bring back a lot of memories

  3. dequilter says:

    Yes, very good memories. Hey Bob , you didn’t have that in Alaska. We do enjoy our beaches and shores in New Jersey and Delaware. (Beaches in NJ and Shores in De). It is 44 degrees today so that kinda warmed me up. Jean Delaware

  4. dequilter says:

    OOPS, got it backwards… Jersey shore , Delaware beaches. Love the boards .

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