September 25 2009

We are Alive & Well

Alive & Well

ShadesofFuturePast.jpg Hello everyone, I’m sorry if I’ve been a worry to everyone but when Apple and AT&T upgraded the latest Iphone software, we lost the ability to tether the phone to my laptop.  Which took away my internet access.  That’s the bad news, the good news is we will be moving to a new park, down by Glen Rose, called Tress Rios, which will have wifi, so I will be connected then.  That will be on the third of October.  I’ve still got email access and can get email on the iphone so.  Tonight I’m at Suzie and that is why the cam is up at this time.  So, look forward to hearing from us on the 3rd of October at our new digs.  This was an old fence I found out in the woods, thought it would make a nice picture


10 Responses to “We are Alive & Well”

  1. pocoblu says:

    great pic Bob

  2. littlesnow says:

    So relieved to hear everything is ok, sorry for the internet access 🙁 Miss your pics…be safe.

  3. dotolive says:

    Ok. I feel better now. So glad you are ok just miss you and worry when I don’t hear anything. Thanks for giving us an update.!!

  4. Lynn30 says:

    Bob and Debbie, My husband and I thought about renting a cabin there (Tres Rios) and taking some vacation time..never did get to or to go look at the cabins . We love Glen Rose . It should be a big improvement over where you are now. I’ll bet you really like it

  5. pipper says:

    nice pic bob…….glad everything is good, i was getting lill worried!

  6. Z from Chicago says:


  7. Charles says:

    Bob is one TUFF old dog & if I was Bob I’d be hiding some were so I could take out those folks from Apple & AT&T to make sure I got the wright one for messing up my internet connection.An old dog under the porch growling is something you gotta worry about.
    If you hear a growl under the porch you better NOT walk by you better back up & go back the way you came.Cause if that old dog shows teeth & claps down GAME OVER.BTW Bob I’m gald you & Deb is fine sorry I nissed you streaming last night

  8. neighborPat says:

    When you move to Glen Rose you’re getting closer to my hometown of Valley Mills, west of Waco on highway 6. I had planned to already be in TX, but having some stomach problems so had to postpone it. Maybe when I’m able to make the trip we can get together to say hello. It would be nice to see you guys, miss you in the neighborhood.

  9. Z from Chicago says:

    A while back I mentioned that I knew of a colony of black squirrels a few blocks from where I lived. I had seen them a few years ago when I was spending time in the area but this last year, as I rode by on buses, I didn’t see any. Today I decided to take a handful of peanuts and go down to see if I could find them. There are a lot of grey squirrels around there and I thought that maybe they had overrun the space. But, I did see one black squirrel. If I could post the picture I took, I would. I was pleased to see it, even if it was the only one. Maybe the others were taking naps.

    He was happy to get some peanuts from me, but was chased by a grey. The greys are a little larger.

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