September 13 2009

All Wet

They look so miserable

allwet.jpg They look so miserable in the rain today, poor little guys.

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5 Responses to “All Wet”

  1. Charles says:

    awww poor little thing Bob get your butt out there & build’em some kinda of cover so they don’t look like a drowned rat.there suppose
    to look cute & fuzzy not all wet & miserable

  2. richart says:

    It starts by providing food; then comes the urge to provide shelter. Soon they will need health care, retirement benefits… You are a good man Bob!

  3. Jojo_of_borg says:

    it is such a contrast between this and the picture from your previous blog entry… poor little thing, no Grandeur of the Tail left…

  4. littlesnow says:

    Poor little sweetie…hope he gets warm & dry soon.

  5. Bravo says:

    I wonder if squirrels get the blues. Look outside, see the rain and stay sleeping in the nest all day. At any rate, this little one doesn’t seem to mind.

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