September 11 2009


Night Sounds


It’s five AM in the morning.  I got up and fixed myself a cup of coffee, and turned on the cam.  Being it’s dark, and there is nothing that can be streamed I just turned up the speakers and listened to the early morning chorus of crickets.  Chirping away out there in foggy dark.  It one thing that you never hear in Alaska.  We have been in a large city since our arrival and the sound of traffic from the freeways and byways is a constant sound that permeates everything.  I’m sure many who watched and listened to the cam at night in North Pole were very aware of the traffic we seem to have there.  Nonetheless, it would grow very quite at times.  I’m longing to move farther out into the country side, to see if I can find that place where all I hear is the natural sounds of the night instead of the roar of the freeway.


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  1. ClarkGable says:

    Unfortunately, RV parks are almost always situated near major highways. It’s one of my main complaints with living in an RV full time and I can sympathize with your longing to get away from traffic noise.

  2. dequilter says:

    Good morning. It sounds like it is time for you and wifey to pull up stakes and journey down the road. I am writing from Pittsburgh (go Steelers !!). I am from Delaware. Here for convention with hubby.
    I love the critter sounds of early morning and nighttime too. Enjoy your pictures of Gods creatures.
    I haven’t seen HARRIET on the blogs since you moved. Have a great day. Delaware Jean

  3. Charles says:

    another sleepless night I see & btw I’d say there’s a lot of sounds in the lower 48 that’s not heard in Alaska like crickets hehe they’d freeze to death

  4. littlesnow says:

    I’ve always wanted to move out into the country myself. I love the sounds of the wildlife there. I guess it’s not to be 🙁 I envy you for this adventure that you & your wife have taken on. I’m sure you’re loving it.

  5. Lynn30 says:

    Bob , try Mineral Wells for quiet. They have three listed. Here’s one.

    Eagle’s Nest RV Park –
    12700 Mineral Wells Hwy, Weatherford – (940) 325-1920

  6. Julia Dumps says:


    That is one thing I would miss if I move from Maryland to North Pole…the sound of the crickets! I can hear them right now as I type this message. I just turned off our central AC today, so I’ll be able to hear them tonight. Oh, I did notice the noise from all of the trucks when you had your webcam up in North Pole. I was trying to imagine the area, since my son lives in NP too. I didn’t think it was a main road that truckers frequented, but I was wrong! I just came back from my visit from NP on 9/13/09 and I found the old’ permafrost ranch! It’s only 5 minutes from my son’s home. We rode by one evening while it was still light out. It was getting dark then, around 9:30 pm. Now is is dark at that time. Oh, I got word from my son that it snowed on 9/22. It was snowing there today as well. I was praying that who ever lives there now would feed the squirrels. I miss the cam so much, so I came back to my son’s home, filled up all his bird feeders and a couple of squirrel feeders too. I asked my son if the birds or squirrels came to the feeder. He said the chick-a-dee’s came and the squirrels did too…they tried chasing the birds away. I watched my squirrel feeder this morning here in MD. As soon as I put the food in, two squirrels came for breakfast! Glad you are doing well and hope to see you soon!
    Julie in MD

  7. Julia Dumps says:

    Bob, Let me correct myself in that last note to you. When I said I just came back from my visit from NP on 9/13/09 and I found the old permafrost ranch… I meant to say while I was vising NP, I found the old permafrost ranch. It’s only 5 minutes from my son’s home. I left NP on 9/13 and returned to MD. I visited for 10 days. Sorry about that…it’s late..I’m still on AK time here! lol

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