September 7 2009

The Journey, by Pocoblu

The Journey

Thank you Pocoblu, it brought tears to our eyes.

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  1. littlesnow says:

    This is a beautiful tribute, I loved it. Brought the tears, lol….thanks for posting it. 🙂

  2. neighborPat says:

    I loved this. Every time I turn onto Victoria Circle out of habit I look to see if either of you are outside. I guess one day it will sink in that you don’t live there any more. Hope life is treating you right, so far it seems to be. Take care of yourselves.

  3. Charles says:

    Pocoblu you done a great job & you should be very proud of yourself I really enjoy watching that video but how can I save it to my laptop ?

  4. pocoblu says:

    Thank You Bob for posting on your site and sharing with your viewers and Thank You Viewers for your kind comments

    Charles, not sure how you can download this since I uploaded this to a BlipTV channel as opposed to a YouTube channel – you can embed the code into a blog or website by clicking the little stethoscope looking symbol or I can email the .wmv file to you if you like, since it is under 10mb – let me know – – reference ‘The Journey’ in subject line of your email

    on a sidenote
    After making ‘The Journey’ video for Bob & Debbie, I am second guessing myself as to if I made the right choice for music. While it seemed to fit perfect with the storyline, it also seems to bring tears. It was intended to – happily – remind us all of Bubba and the great memories of Permafrost Ranch as well as journey with our friends Bob & Debbie now as they venture into the great wide open. If the video does bring tears, may they be tears of joy.

  5. dotolive says:

    Well I just flat out cried. so there were a lot of tears! but I see them as good tears. Precious memories are always hard sometimes but then in my life it seems to beg the question ïs it better to have loved and lost then to have never love at all”
    That one I don’t have quiet figured out. I think if anyone deserves a tribute to their life and how much they have touched the lives of so many, it would be Bob and Deb. I don’t think there is anyway Bob himself could imagine how may people have gotten up on a sleepless night and sat and watched God’s creatures so wonderfully displayed the way Bob has done over the years. I can’t tell you how many times I have just sat and watched the camera hoping to see something walk by in the middle of a snowy night. All those years of hard work he just gave to the world. To me this journey is not about what Bob did but what Bob can do. He will be giving these wonderful creature to us al for as long as he can, and I will definitely be watching to see as long as I can. God gave Bob a gift, and I don’t think any of us has seen the best part of that gift yet.

  6. Melissa says:

    Bob will be back in Alaska next summer, but this winter he will be happy and warm down south. Thanks for sharing the neat video!

  7. Ed B says:

    Pocoblu your video was lovely and did prove to be a tearjerker, but only in a very good way. I think that you struck exactly the right chord from the viewpoint of we who love The Permafrost Ranch from afar. I think that, as others said, it is up to Bob and Debbie to give the “REAL” verdict.

    As for me, I can only say thank you for the gift.

    Ed B of So Cal

  8. Ed B says:

    Charles, I was able to download the video through my RealPlayer software that has an automatic download button that appears whenever I click on any video on the screen. (It might exclude downloading copy protected items, however this video downloaded nicely and looks great in full screen mode.) I hope you can save a copy for your use too.

    Ed of So Cal.

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