September 6 2009

Humming Birds of Texas

Look Ma, no Wings

09060909.jpg I wish I had a strobe and a camera fast enough to stop action and photograph the wings. ¬†With the set up I have now it’s just not possible. ¬†Nonetheless, they are amazing little birds to watch on the feeder.


2 Responses to “Humming Birds of Texas”

  1. Charles says:

    GGEEZZ were’s it’s wings ? kinda looks as if it’s hovering without any wings.There gonna miss you when ever you move on.They sure are 1 pretty & amazing animal.

  2. dotolive says:

    that is so funny!! Love your caption bob. Yea i love to watch them to. A friend of mime has a bush that they love and so she doesn’t have to put out feeders becasue they love the bush . We have had a sudden burst of them here in alabama , that and love bugs! do you have love bugs in texas? I HATE those things!

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