September 2 2009

The Other Side of the Cam

The other side of the Window

TravelingCam.jpgThe other side of the camera, and what they see when they see me in the window.  I’m sure it’s a very scary sight and now you see where I spend so much of my time.


8 Responses to “The Other Side of the Cam”

  1. dotolive says:

    I could see myself being right there! Looks like a great front row seat to me Bob!

  2. Charles says:

    Nice set up not as much equipment as when you were at the North Pole but not as much space either but still nice

  3. well, there you all are!
    we was wondering… call us after 1900 pst, 317.908.9353
    baking in the high desert of ca-
    tiny fires(compared to AK), 125 miles away, no problem.

  4. ah, there u are….
    plse call us 317.908.9353
    jack@debbye in the high desert ca

  5. BruceB says:

    Its behind the curtain at the Emerald City………

    The Great Wizard of Oz…………

  6. pocoblu says:

    Do you see what I see?
    a room with a view for our great squirrel whisperer

  7. Bravo says:

    Great setup! I envy you… the branch office of Secret Squirrel Ops. ;]

  8. erics says:

    Getting the bugs and kinks out of the RV yet?

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