August 28 2009

Unbelievable Customer Service

I received a call from Matt Wheeler in Cheyenne Wyoming: He was asking me how I liked the tires, now that’s superb customer service.  Totally unbelievable to me that he would call asking about how the tires are doing.   That’s real service.  So, if you ever in Cheyenne, stop and and see these guys.  Tell them hello from me, and thanks again for all the service they did for me.

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  1. dotolive says:

    Now that is something I love to see. I have had very few companies go the extra mile to check on me after purchasing something but it has happened and when it does it is a very good feeling. One I also like to mention to others. There was a time when I would make notes of every place I went , restaurants, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and I would either send an email or call the managers of these places to report what I, as a customer, experienced. Sometimes it was good and sometimes it was bad. I think we should all do this!

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