August 27 2009

Watching Me

Who’s Watching Who

082709-1.jpg I’m not sure who’s watching who, either she is watching me or I’m watching her.  Mutual admiration club.   The fox squirrels here in Texas are not as vocal like the little Red Squirrels of Alaska it seems.

3 Responses to “Watching Me”

  1. Z from Chicago says:

    They have very bushy tails, considering how warm it is. And their tails seem so long–they must seem all tail in Winter.

    I came across an amazing picture of a squirrel fight. Hopefully this link works.

  2. Charles says:

    I think she’s watching Santa and wondering am I going to get nuts,corn,peanutbutter & molasses mixture for Christmas.Remember
    Texas squirrels may not be as vocal Alaskian squirrels but I’ve always heard it’s the quite ones you need to be worried about.

  3. littlesnow says:

    wow, that sq. fight pic was something to see! I guess they can be vicious if they have to be. I felt so bad for the sq. on the ground though 🙁

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