August 24 2009

Suzie & Debbie

Debbie & Suzie

Deb&Suzie.jpg We had dinner at Suzie’s house last night and this was taken out on her patio.  The food was excellent and she’s a beautiful cook and person.  Thanks oh so much Susan.  It was delicious and your hospitality was the size of Texas

3 Responses to “Suzie & Debbie”

  1. Charles says:

    Bob from what I was able to see from the live stream at Suzie’s home it appeared you and Debbie had a wonderful time & had a great meal.I’m happy for you & Debbie that you got to meet Suzie & I’m hoping that you’ll be able to meet others that you’ve been dealing
    with from your chatroom because we’re a great bunch of people.I’m also hoping you’ll have a great time in general on your trip across
    America looking for Nuts tour.

  2. littlesnow says:

    So nice to see you guys having a nice time. I’m sure you’re enjoying the different locations.

  3. dotolive says:

    Oh wasn’t that so special. Suzie you were to the lucky one to have Bob and Debbie in your home and Bob this must be like a dream come true for you to finally meet the folk that have followed you for so long. So what was for dinner?

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