August 24 2009

Close-up of Humming Birds

Hard to get shots


Trying to get a good shot of the little quick birds is tougher than I thought.

5 Responses to “Close-up of Humming Birds”

  1. Jeannie says:

    Oooooo good one! I knew you could do it 😀

  2. Charles says:

    Great shot Bob you done good

  3. Jojo_of_borg says:

    that is one funny red poll… it flaps it’s wings so fast they don’t even exist in this dimension.
    nice shot, Sir!

  4. littlesnow says:

    Great shot! Really enjoyed it 🙂

  5. dotolive says:

    Your getting there bob! That is one fiie bird if I do ay so myself.

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