August 23 2009

Sleepless in Texas


Sitting outside the RV this morning at 4:40 AM, I awoke around 3 AM.  Third day in a row I’ve awakened at such an ungodly hour.  I’m sure there is a ton of over the counter drugs, hormones and other prescribed medicines I could acquire to help me get to sleep.  The one good thing that is coming from it is the fact it’s cool enough to sit outside the RV and listen to the crickets.  Along with the traffic from the Interstate I can hear makes for a nice time to be up and awake.  We looked at new trucks today and was totally shocked at the prices.  I would love to have a new one ton dual axel rig to pull this RV with, if we can swing the finances.  Our little trip down to San Antonio showed me that the old 1/2 ton HD GMC just wasn’t enough truck to efficiently do the job.  The only major set back to acquiring a new truck is getting financing.  We looked at Fords, Chevy and Dodges yesterday.  I sure like the one Dodge we looked at.  It was the most reasonable of all the models price wise.  Fords were just out of the question.  Even in bad economical times like these, they just were priced out of our price range by any means available.  It’s now 5 AM and I’m having my first cup of coffee.  I spent most of the day yesterday listening to the presentations at Gnomedex.  Congratulations to Chris Pirillo for putting it together.  Maybe next year I can attend, with a little luck.  It would be a hoot to me all the ops of WyldRyde who attend.  Over these many years I’ve been a part of that network, I’ve come to think of them as family.  One of the very things the presenters yesterday were speaking of.  How one grows community on line.  It seems I’ve found mine.


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  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Insomnia. Sometimes a cup of chamomile tea with a teaspoon of honey helps to get back to sleep. I just accept that there will be nights when I only get a few hours of sleep before I go to work. It seems to go in cycles and I just assume it’s an erratic circadean rhythm.

    Good luck with buying a new truck.

  2. BruceB says:

    The prices for those trucks you looked at are unreal. I have looked at them too, just out of curiosity,its staggering.
    The price ,coupled with the sales tax, and registrations, are like buying a home. I have a neighbor that tows horse trailers, he buys the Ford duallies, has had better luck with them.

    And purchasing a used one is chancy.

    No wonder you can’t sleep, the xx,xxx figures dancing in your head!

  3. Charles says:

    Bob I found out by trial & error that small amounts of alcohol helps me to sleep like a baby & I’m hoping that everything will work out
    for you & Debbie on your new set of wheels for the 5th wheeler

  4. littlesnow says:

    I have found that melatonin helps me sleep sometimes, maybe you could try it. You can get it at any Walmart, ect. It won’t interfere with any other meds either. Good luck on your truck search, that’s got to be keeping you up also worrying.

  5. dotolive says:

    Bob I am not surprised you are having problems sleeping with all the new things in your life and with all the decisions you are having to make. Wish I could give you my clunker to trade in to help with the cost but I have to use my clunker as my only means of transportation! I am glad to see you are spending some quality time enjoying your surroundings while you are not sleeping. Just don’t let it go so far that you get sick. Your close enough to Mexico to take a siesta. Take advantage of it! Sometimes if you drink one beer with your lunch it helps to enhance the Siesta!

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