August 23 2009

On the Look Out

Where is that Dang Cat


I need to put up a feeder that is closer to the camera and off the ground, I think the cats around here have the squirrels a little paranoid.


3 Responses to “On the Look Out”

  1. littlesnow says:

    That is a great pic Bob! He looks sweet. Nice to see that you’re back taking the pics we love 🙂

  2. Charles says:

    that’s one skinny squirrel Bob needs to make it look like Bubba with a pot belly & a bubble butt

  3. dotolive says:

    Charles I am glad you made that clear that you were referring to Bubba with those attributes. I could have swore you were describing me! I am sure the squirrels have to be very careful there with the different animals that come and go. I noticed they are getting skinnier here in Alabama to. Probably the hot weather. Guess they don’t need that extra layer of blubber to protect them from the winter cold.

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