August 21 2009

Everywhere I go

Seems like they find me


Fox Squirrels, we moved just down the road from a more expensive trailer park called RV Ranch to a cheaper one called Elk Horn park.  We are staying around for a week, and today look who showed up at the next door neighbors feeder.  I wish I had some nuts to put out.  I would set up the camera and see what happens.  I’ve got to make a feeder that can be viewed through the window that they can crawl up on.

7 Responses to “Everywhere I go”

  1. Cahrles says:

    cute little fox squirrel Bob posted a squirrel picture yesterday & 1 so far today so I’m wondering if Bob is having Bubba withdraws ?

  2. Lynn30 says:

    It’s good to see our friends again…sooo cute..luv the little guys

  3. Jojo_of_borg says:

    aaaaw – what a sweetie! People who have the right eye for it see nice animals wherever they go, I think.
    And, oh yes, they will come to you 😉

  4. pocoblu says:

    you are their Field of Dreams Bob
    feed them and they will come….

  5. littlesnow says:

    Aw….he is soooo cute 🙂 Seems like you just attract squirrels, Bob. Great pic!

  6. dotolive says:

    Awwww…….. Bobs Back! Did you name him?? Now he is really pretty. Love the bown-golden hues in his tail! Really a nice stance he has. The local squirrel club must have sent their Platinum member to welcome you! Gotta love em. Thanks Bob. I needed a squirrel fix!

  7. pipper says:

    another great pic bob!

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