August 20 2009

Trailer and Truck

Home Sweet Home

Trailer.jpgHere it is, home sweet home.  Our retirement get away.

10 Responses to “Trailer and Truck”

  1. Suzie says:

    Very nice! It’s really pretty and I hope ya’ll will be comfortable.

    “Truckin, up to Buffalo. Been thinkin, you got to mellow slow Takes time, you pick a place to go, and just keep truckin on” –Grateful Dead 😉

  2. Charles says:

    Bob that’s a good looking rig can’t wait to see the inside.I hope you Debbie & Chuncky is having a good time & enjoying your self.
    A big red truck with an even bigger white mobile home be kinda hard to miss if it’s at my front door.ENJOY !!!!!!!!! your life on the road

  3. pocoblu says:

    kinda ironic – you’re deep in the heart of Texas but still living on the NorthShore
    looks great – love the pop-outs

  4. Bravo says:

    So this is home at last… looks very comfortable, and you’re still North of something. =D Check in at TSB when you get a chance.

  5. Bob Seehafer (bobsee) says:

    How are you enjoying life outside Alaska? Nice 5th wheel. Enjoy.

  6. Jojo_of_borg says:

    Thank you for the picture! what a huge thing!
    Of course, I am used to small european cars, but I’m sure glad I don’t have to park this rig backwards into a tiny spot! 😉

  7. littlesnow says:

    Looks like a great home, Bob 🙂 Hope you guys will be very happy & healthy. I’m sure it’s a big adjustment from alaska, just keep on truckin’.

  8. dotolive says:

    Nice Bob! I love the way it is made on the outside and I am sure the pop outs sure make it roomier inside. I hope you were able to get things fixed. Guess Chunky Monkeys bed is over the cab? heh

  9. Jean McD says:

    Nice to see what it looks like. Now you’re gonna have to tell me if the cost of hauling it around is the same as staying in a motel every night! LOL I know, I know, you gotta have your stuff with ya, that’s the thing. The plants are doing great, by the way. :o)

  10. BruceB says:

    Bob, thats a nice looking rig.

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