August 19 2009


I’m outside sitting at the picnic table at the trailer park this morning in San Antonio.  Drinking coffee and listening to the birds come alive and watching the Martins fly around catching their morning breakfast.  They remind me a lot of the swallows we have in Alaska.  I saw a squirrel here in the park yesterday as we were leaving to go over to Debbie’s sisters house.  I want to thank Martin, Debbie’s nephew for helping me with the generator cord that we made the other day.  It will be a great help to us.  There is so much to learn in this life on the road.  It’s hot, hotter than I remembered for this time of the year back when I lived in this part of the world.  The humidity is something else.  I’ve only been out here for a few minutes and I’m already just sticky.  Needless to say, it’s a change from Alaska but change is good.   We will be heading back towards Fort Worth this morning but not in a hurry.  We are going to stop along the way and see some of the sights there is to see.  I’ve had to make a conscious decision to slow down and take our time.  I don’t know if it’s the natural way of things but it seems like here in the last few days we are always in a hurry.  I’m sure I’m also making many folks mad, because of my driving habits of going slow.  They hurry around down here like ants on the freeways and byways.  You would think that speeding is the only way to get somewhere.  The coffee is hot and good and I’m well rested this morning.  My insomnia hasn’t been a problem.  I’ve not had a chance to post many photo’s or take many photographs.

6 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. pocoblu says:

    good to hear from you Bob – no sense in going nowhere fast – slow and easy works
    sounds like a peaceful morning there, enjoying your coffee and the birds
    guessing chunky monkey and Debbie are still sound asleep
    looking forward to some pics and video as time allows
    have a safe trip back to Ft Worth

  2. Lynn30 says:

    The spiritual climate has changed drastically since you know who got in office. May Jesus protect you and Debbie in your travels because I have seen insane driving on the road. You’re right Pocoblu…No sense in going nowhere fast!

  3. rolaids says:

    those purple martins are fun to watch. good to have around too, since they eat squitoes. thanks for still sharing with us db, and watch out for anyone with a jersey liscense plate, they just arent right in the head.

  4. littlesnow says:

    Nice to hear that your insomnia is gone…must be that you’re moving on now & sorted out some of your life plan. PPl are crazy drivers, lol

  5. dotolive says:

    Well Bob I think slowing down is a great idea! Soak it all in, no telling when you will be back in that spot again. Leave your mark at every spot you stop. I would say stop and smell the roses, but I kinda want to say stop and snap the camera!
    I miss your pictures. Would love to have seen a picture of you sitting at that picnic table. Can you say Tripod? lol.
    Miss you much. Looking forward to your travels. Praying for your safety daily.

  6. Ed B says:

    In this post, for the first time in a long time, you sound like your old almost comfortable self. Glad to see it. Enjoy and do not rush. Your schedule is what you want it to be, and not a bit faster. DO not let the fast guys/gals push you. It simply is not worth the grief of a speeding ticket or other citation. Enjoy and thanks for the good word.

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