August 16 2009

Living on the Road

I’m sitting outside the RV in the RV Ranch Trailer park in Bureleson Texas south of Forth Worth.  It’s 5:36 AM in the morning.  I’m listening to the traffic out on the road and the chirping of crickets now and then.  I just heard the cooing of a morning dove.  I’ve not posted in a few days for the sheer fact we have been busy as heck.  It’s kind of amazing after all these years in Alaska to have a warm dark night with a moon.  We don’t see those in the summer there.  There is a slight breezing blowing and it’s around the mid 80’s in temperature. The coffee is hot and good.  We are going to start our first trip down the road tonight.  It’s kind of a road test of the RV and Truck.  We will head on down to San Antonio to see Debbie’s sister.  Give us a chance to evaluate the RV and work out any bugs that we may find.  There is already a few things that are in need of service, which we will have taken care of at the dealership when we return this way in a while.  There is much to learn about how to operate the equipment on the RV and Truck.  Today should be a learning experience as we head off down the high way for the first time.   I’ll try to grab some pictures of the rig to post showing everyone what it looks like all hooked together.   Happy Trails until we meet again.

11 Responses to “Living on the Road”

  1. pocoblu says:

    be safe
    have fun
    and I’m glad it’s cooled down a bit to make it a little more enjoyable

  2. Lynn30 says:

    🙂 enjoy ya’ll

  3. Charles says:

    A crickets chrip & a doves coo I bet that is music to your ears more so then a road grader clearing the snow off the road in front of your house @ The North Pole or hearing snow mobiles.Sounds like you and Debbie are having a great time well I sure so because I
    think you both have earned it.Best wishes to both of you & God bless you both.I’m still waiting on inside pictures of the new home

  4. littlesnow says:

    Happy to hear all is going well! Hope you guys enjoy seeing relatives & seeing the road. Godspeed 🙂

  5. Crystal says:

    Well Dad, your maiden voyage, it is truely a reality now. That must be an incredible feeling. Hope everything goes smoothly and you and mom stay safe. Don’t forget to stop and smell the roses along the way, or enjoy the sounds of crickets and doves. Hey see if you can capture pics of fireflies, I have always wanted to see what that looks like at night. Are there any of those there? Anyway, keep it between the ditches and shiney side up!!!!! We love you!

  6. Charles says:

    fireflies kinda looks like a dim flashing green light

  7. Z from Chicago says:

    Crystal, here’s a YouTube video of fireflies. They’re ethereal and not nearly as dramatic as Northern Lights but lovely to see on a quiet night as they twinkle in the trees.

  8. dequilter says:

    It sounds as though you guys are doing ok and enjoying your adventure. I love to hear the mourning doves myself. I loved San Antonio.. Do you guys plan on a final destination or just traveling day by day… Keep the blogs coming. God Bless , from delaware.

  9. dotolive says:

    Bob and Debbie, I have been wondering where you were. I have been out of town for a couple of days and could not wait to get back to check your blog. I am really wanting to see your new home but I totally understand that you are very busy. Can’t wait to begin your photo journey across the country. I pray for you both daily and enjoy hearing about all the little things that you are experiencing that you have not been able to experience in Alaska. I think so many of us down here take those things for granted and it is nice to be reminded they are special.
    Please stafe and can’t wait to hear from you next.

  10. BruceB says:

    Big changes, eh?

    Good hearing from you, gotten that Squirrel decal for your RV yet?

    Take care and wishing good MPG’s!

  11. Crystal says:

    Thanks to the link to the firefly video!! They are so cool!!! Can’t wait to see it in person someday!

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