August 9 2009

Little Lizards

Little Lizards on the Patio


This little lizard was on the patio, and it is less than a half an inch long and skinny as a pencil lead. ย  We don’t have any of these in Alaska.

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  1. Charles says:

    Bob there’s 2 good reasons for no lizards in Alaska #1 is average of 6 feet of snow @ the North Pole and #2 is 50 below temps.tehe
    the same 2 reasons why you & Debbie sold out & hauled butt outta there snow & temps getting to hard on your old bones

  2. pocoblu says:

    definately not like the AZ lizards – they look like the little hawain lizards – and if they are, they like a touch of syrup and they’ll come right up to you for it

  3. kathy(miss toots) says:

    When they love you, the throat will bulge out bright pink like a giant adam’s apple. Then it will shrink back. Some sort of mating ritual. And they have the chameleon ability to change colors to various shades of green and browns, and greys.

  4. pipper says:

    good pic bob!!

  5. dotolive says:

    Got plenty of those in Alabama too Bob. I am not a reptile lover even though I am an animal person, but I do like to watch lizards. I found out the hard way that if you pick them up by their tails and hold them long enough they will pull themselves up and bit your finger!

  6. Julia Dumps says:

    Hi Bob, Wow, you and your wife have certainly traveled far from AK! I surely hope you enjoy your new home and continue to take great pictures of animal life! I’ll be on my way up to AK in about 4 wks to see that grand baby of mine! She is 3 wks old as of yesterday. Wish my son and his wife were on the east coast! Be safe and have a great time! Julie (Baltimore MD)

  7. FLNative says:

    Hummm…..I thought everything was bigger in TEXAS

  8. Iwonami says:

    Bob writes, “We donโ€™t have any of these in Alaska.” which sounds to me like he didn’t get use to the new situation, that he doesn’t live anymore in Alaska, or second possibility is: I am stupid foreinger who doesn’t understand foreign (for me, of course) language :-))))

  9. Z from Chicago says:

    Iwonami. ?

  10. jeanie says:

    Hey Bob, haven’t talked to you in quite awhile. Sound like you guys have had lots of changes. I can understand the sadness of leaving your family, and the changes ahead. I can imagine it was tough and exciting at the same time. New territory and adventures to behold. From what I hear there is a place in Kansas called Wichita National forest that is beautiful. It is a State Park with roaming buffalo and lots of prairie dogs. The buffalo come real close and roam throughout the campground. I haven’t been there myself but my in-laws take my children each summer to different places in the US to see. I think I told you last year they went to California and this year they were supposed to go to Alaska. They didn’t go though, they did go to North Dakota to see Mt Rushmore and throughout the badlands in South Dakota. They had a good time, maybe they will get to go this next year to Alaska. Another one of my favorite places to go is the Smoky Mountains about the second week in October, the trees are changing colors and it is beautiful. We also went to Washington DC this year for the first time (daughter’s Safety Patrol group) It was AMAZING!! I can’t wait to return and there is a nice, nice campground right outside of DC in Maryland called Cherry hill or something smilar that is great for staying at. There are lots of free places to see in DC. So I will try to stay in contact this time. Busy life, just starting my Bachelors Degree in Middle School Science (Yipee), plus my oldest is a senior this year. Love reading your blogs, and best wishes for your future. Stay Safe!! Jeanie

  11. Bravo says:

    The new Bubba. ;] So are you settling down in Texas now?

  12. Databrokers says:

    No, Bravo, we are not planning on settling in Texas. My aunt lives here in Arlington, and we are staying at here place, while we picked up the fifth wheel trailer. Which we pick up tomorrow at the dealers. From here we are just planning on hitting the road for a while. First destination will be my Debbie’s sister who lives in San Antonio, and from there we are headed to Phoenix Arizona. After that it’s a toss up of where to go.

  13. Charles says:

    Bob don’t forget to give me at least a 48 hr notice before heading this way so it can be chillin in the frieg

  14. pocoblu & ET says:


  15. Iwonami says:

    Z from Chicago: YES! I am Iwona(mi) ๐Ÿ™‚ Photo with a squirrel : ๐Ÿ™‚
    And regarding Bob. I wonder where he will decide to stop and stay after he drives through whole USA….

  16. pocoblu says:

    Great story Z – love the pic!

  17. dotolive says:

    Hey Bob, Did you get the 5th wheel?

  18. Databrokers says:

    Yes we did and we are in a park tonight trying to acquaint ourselves with all the features.

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