August 9 2009

Fifth Wheel Trailer

New Fifth Wheeled Trailer


That’s a shot of the outside


We pick it up Tuesday


16 Responses to “Fifth Wheel Trailer”

  1. Charles says:

    Good looking 5th wheeler from what I see so far & one thing is for sure it’s going to be hard to miss that when it’s at my front door.
    Does Chuncky Monkey have his own room ? I also notice the room on the side that lets out well there’s your front porch to craw under,,all old dogs needs a porch to get under.Hope you Debbie & Chuncky enjoys your new home.

  2. Bravo says:

    Wow… impressive. Looks like a mansion on wheels! The word “Trailer” sure has changed since I was a kid sitting in my grandparent’s camper… may it serve you well.

  3. BruceB says:

    Home Sweet Home…………Thanks for all the updates, your faithful followers appreciate it!

    Hope you and wife are doing well.

  4. Pamela Lee says:

    Awesome, I always thought it would be so cool to travel the country with my house on my back, kinda like a tortoise. I’m enjoying getting to be a part of your wonderful adventure. If you ever get to Alabama we have 10 acres here to park your new home on for a quick visit. Ya’ll take care now.

  5. Suzie says:

    Oooooh, you got the slide outs!! Very nice. And very pretty too. I’m happy ya’ll found something so fast. McClain’s has a great reputation.

  6. Jojo_of_borg says:

    I am so impressed with how fast you go to Texas and how fast you got your truck! Now I guess it’s time to unwind a little?

  7. Z from Chicago says:

    It’s appropriate that it’s called North Shore since Alaska’s coastline is the North shore of the U.S.

  8. pocoblu says:

    a superb ride!
    cruising at it’s finest in the 5th dimension
    get the varment cam ready….

  9. dotolive says:

    Very NICE Bob!! I am so excited about you guys finding this so quickly. I know it has to be exciting. Can’t wait to see the inside.

  10. BruceB says:

    One thing you quickly learn or it catches up with you, is that when you live mobile, you do not keep unnecessary items. No old newspapers, etc.

    Which is a good thing, I think all of us have to much clutter in our lives….me included……

    You need to put an Alaska decal on it somewhere .

  11. BruceB says:

    Or either a squirrel decal 🙂

  12. FLNative says:

    Hummm….. I thought everything was bigger in Texas

  13. FLNative says:

    Oops that went to the picture. Sorry

  14. ncbill69 says:

    Come to see us @ Wakulla Springs State Park, Crawfordville, FL – south of Tallahassee.

  15. littlesnow says:

    Looks beautiful…looks like you’re going to have a real adventure. 🙂

  16. Crystal says:

    Hi Mom and Dad,
    That trailer looks awesome! George and I had to get internet so then of course the lap top died and then we had to get a new computer. So now the kids and I can follow your adventures easier. Love it so far, and what a cute little lizard. The kids love and miss you, but they like seeing your pics keep’em coming. We are gearing up for the school year and the kids are going to ride the bus it will be quite the new experience. Hopefully a pleasant one. Give monkey a scratch for us, and mom a big hug. Luff ya

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