August 8 2009

Crape Myrtle Tree

Crape Myrtle Trees


Here in the great state of Texas and lots these type trees and other blooming bushes like Oleanders are all over the place.  Very pretty trees.   We are here at my Aunts in Arlington Texas.  Hotter than blue blazes out there during the day.


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  1. Z from Chicago says:

    Pretty, pretty.

    Don’t eat the oleanders. They’re poisonous.

    You may be wishing you were back in Alaska after a few more of those hot days.

  2. pocoblu says:


  3. FLNative says:

    Now you can rest for awhile.

  4. pipper says:

    pretty tree, texas is a great state! i got ur fishing trip planed and if deb dont want to fish, i got shopping trip planed for her. take care piper

  5. Iwonami says:

    Don’t you dream a bit about Alaskan summer, Bob? It is definitively not so hot :-)))
    But no such beautiful trees, I think. Have a nice time in Texas, drive safe and have a lot of fun!

  6. bowlingmom says:

    Welcome to southern summers…UNBEARABLE!!! (sp)

    But hope you are well. Enjoy the warmth!

  7. Lynn30 says:

    Welcome to Texas Bob and Debbie…From one extreme to another 🙂 Catch your breath.

  8. dotolive says:

    Welcome to the heat Bob. The hottest two months of the year at that! The tree is beautiful but we have those here and we call them Crape Myrtle. Not a specialist in trees but just wondering if it is the same thing. Sure looks like it.
    They are in full bloom here and Alabama.
    The salesman looks mighty proud to be in your picture Can’t wait to see the RV! Wow you sure found one fast!! you must have known exactly what you wanted!

  9. dotolive says:

    Ok. Now I feel stupid. Just read the title of the blog and you KNOW It is a Crape Myrtle! I read it wrong. Sorry.. so just disregard the previous blog! ughhhhh….. hate to do stuff like that.

  10. Suzie says:

    Crape Myrtle’s are lovely and a must for every Texas yard. And mimosa trees too. Looking forward to seeing you and Debbie!

  11. littlesnow says:

    Beautiful trees…thank God you guys made it 🙂

  12. Miami says:

    Hot you say? Yep, get used to it! lol Welcome to 100 degrees days in Texas. I’m sure that 5th wheel has great a/c! 🙂

  13. mary lou says:

    what is advantage of 5th wheel over motor home,we need to know….He wants 5th wheel,I lean to motor home…help us…………

  14. Databrokers says:

    That’s a tough question to answer. It’s all a matter of preferences. What do you want and need and how much are you willing to spend to get it. I prefer the fifth wheel at this stage of our life. Much of that had to do with cost for us. In fact that was the first overriding priority that made us choose what we did. We also had the truck, albeit not as much of a truck as I would like to have to pull this rv with but that itself was also an economic decision.

    Other than the economic choices we made, their is some other reasons and explanations as to why I like the fifth wheel over a motor home. Most of the motor homes are so large that moving around with them is unwieldy to say the least. If you notice those who have large coach RVs tend to have “toads” they haul with them. Allowing them to park the motor home and move about in a small car. Now, there is always the exception to this.

    As I write this reply, I’m sitting right next to a huge motor coach, that is hauling a Full Size Pickup 4X4 as it’s toad. If you can afford to do such a thing, all I can say is go for it. Wow. I would be jealous.

    I suggest you both sit down and define what it is you want, and can afford. Each and every choice from then on is up to what you want to have.

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