August 6 2009


We are in Kansas Toto


The Horse and Trailer we are traveling in and with


Kansas Corn field beside the motel we stayed in here in Salina Kansas last night


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  1. bowlingmom says:

    WOW…not much to do! That is my kinda town! Love the open fields. Hope you are all having fun. Stay safe!

  2. BruceB says:

    Bob…you are making good time , but don’t be in too big of a hurry!

    If I was in Salina,KS, I would try to see the airport/airfield, from what I understand its the longest runway in the world.

    Take care and safe driving.

  3. Miami says:

    Man! You guys aren’t wasting no time are ya? So, how does it feel to be out of Alaska? Glad you’re safe. 🙂

  4. pocoblu says:

    has that thick hazy humid look – bet you’re glad that a/c is working now
    following you across the US really brings life to a push tack map!
    P.S. your sleigh is looking shiny good…

  5. pipper says:

    bob looks pretty cool, u stopping c stuff along the way. drive safe piper

  6. Diana Kidd says:

    Glad to see that you guys are still safe on your travels. Have lots of fun and enjoy.

  7. littlesnow says:

    Kansas looks nice, I wouldn’t mind going there. How does it feel to be out of Alaska? Drive safe…hope you’re having a nice time 🙂

  8. Jean McD says:

    HEY, you were supposed to drive down to Albuquerque, visit my kid! And Kansas? What the heck’s in Kansas? Just tornados! Eeek!

  9. lifesadance13 says:


  10. Mbrown says:

    Welcome to Kansas! We drove to Homer from here in 2005 and had a wonderful time. Stopped in North Pole too! Been reading your blog and watching the squirrels for years. Have a safe trip!

  11. dotolive says:

    Hey! I am tracking you Bob. I have been going to google maps and I had you programed to be in Kansas today so I am impressed with myself! Kansas is kinda flat. How do you like it?
    Won’t be long and you will be in Tx. I agree that your wagon train is looking good. How do the new tires ride? Are you getting hot yet? At least you won’t be getting all this gulf coast humidity just heat when you get to dallas.
    Thanks for the update. I really am enjoying our trip with you!

  12. Gail Drake says:

    Bob, you once said you were going to strap a snow scoop to the hood of your truck and not stop until someone asked what it was. I notice there is no snow scoop. Are you there yet?
    My husband and I are leaving for Alaska on the 15th. A 2 wk trip that includes Fairbanks and North Pole.
    Safe travels to you all.

  13. Z from Chicago says:

    LOL, Gail. I forgot about the snow scoop! Maybe he had to leave it with the house or the deal wouldn’t go through.

  14. dotolive says:

    What happened to the chat? I went to get on tonight and it is gone! What happened to it?

  15. Jojo_of_borg says:

    Gail, what a shame that you are in Alaska just after Bob left! Maybe you could stop by the trailer and ask if you can attach a small plaque to the side – we’ll make it a touristic Place of Interest!

    U-haul’s legal terms of use probably forbids the attachment of snow scoops to any vehicle pulling a U-haul trailer – or Bob would have done it 😉

    safe travels Bob!

  16. pocoblu says:

    FYI folks – since Bob hasn’t blogged since Kansas I was gettin’ a little worried after the vehicle issues they’ve run into, so I went to his twitter page and he did tweet around 1am today that they are now in Arlington, TX staying with his aunt until they get a fifth wheel trailer

    If you’re a twitterer you can get his page by going to the little aqua ‘T” button above under the blog archive tab

  17. Ed B says:

    Gail, good catch…. I was going to mention the “missing snow scoop”. I think the truck will get better mileage without it.

    Great looking doxie in the earlier post…. Same loving look as my Rosie, a mini doxie, has. Travel safe!

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