August 3 2009

Billings Montana Super 8

Billings Montana Super 8 Motel


Debbie is ordering dinner, we stopped early yesterday for a rest, showers and food.


Then this morning I was up very early since I went to be early, stepped outside with the camera to check the truck and the weather.  I grabbed this shot of the motel.  So far it’s been a heck of a ride.


12 Responses to “Billings Montana Super 8”

  1. Melissa says:

    Bob and Debbie,
    So glad you have made it to the lower 48 without a hitch! Seems like you are making really good time. Let us know how things are going. We are enjoying your pictures. Have a continued good drive and keep ‘er between the ditches!!
    Best Wishes,

  2. pipper says:

    bob looks like a wounderful, just sutting waiting o more pics

  3. Suzie says:

    I love Montana and have stayed in Billings before. If I ever leave Texas, it will be to head to Montana. Tell Mrs Bob to make sure she keeps you in line and give Chunky Monkey a pat for me. Be safe and have fun!

  4. pocoblu says:

    Deb looks rested – hope you are too
    if you’re heading SE thru South Dakota keep in mind Sturgis is going on now thru 8/9
    69th annual

  5. Bravo says:

    Good to read that the traveling is going well! You came through BC in some record heat… hope Montana is a bit cooler.

  6. bowlingmom says:

    Hello Bob and of course the Misses!! Have so missed the cam, but keep checking in to see if you are up or posted any pics. Was glad to see some today!! Hope you are having a wonderful time! Keep posting pics of your adventures.

    Happy & Safe Trails!

  7. bowlingmom says:

    P.S. How is MT? I have always wanted to go. Would like to take a trip to the Glacier National Park.

  8. Jean McD says:

    Did you get your RV yet?? Apparently not, if you are staying in motel, eh? What’s the story? I’ve been witing to hear how the trip has been going….

  9. FLNative says:

    Glad to hear your trip is going well. Having fun following you guys on your way. Stay Safe.

  10. dotolive says:

    Wow Bob yall are doing great on your trip! Debbie looks so good after so much traveling. But I bet she feels about as tired as those moose did!
    More pics! We all want to go on the trip with you! I know you are busy and all and I do appreciate any bit of info that we get but I really can’t wait to see more of your trip. Why do I feel like you are holding out on us?? haha Do I see a movie in pictures being made to be published later? Bobs trip from Alaska?
    would love to know the route you took from beginning to end and where you stayed 1st night, 2nd night etc.
    Getting the map out as we speak!
    haha. until next time!
    BE SAFE!

  11. Lynn30 says:

    On the road again I just can’t wait to get on the road again :)) Have a good trip!!

  12. erics says:

    Hope you are adjusting to the nights: no sun light during the summer. Safe travels from all of us in Newcastle, CA

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