July 14 2009

Permafrost Ranch Update

Bubba’s and Ruby’s Baby


Ok there is some good news and bad news to update from the Permafrost Ranch.  The picture above is of a baby squirrel that is Rubys and was in the shed when we cleaned it out.  It’s Bubba’s offspring and now we know why Ruby was so hard on Bubba this winter.  She had babies in there. Now, the one we are calling Ruby was in my opinion,  the squirrel we were calling Pudge earlier this last spring who was pregnant.  The other baby must have accidently got killed in the shed when some stuff fell over, we found it there as we were cleaning it out.  As far as Bubba himself.  I’ve not seen him lately but I’ve been very busy and have not really been watching for him.  Other bad news is “Elvis” our oldest little wiener dog died Sunday afternoon.  It was a bitter sweet day already that then just became sadder.  It was the last day all the kids, with the grandkids would be with us together on the old Permafrost Ranch.  Old Elvis decided he couldn’t take it anymore I guess and passed away.  It really made the day and goodbyes so much harder.  I’m still kind of depressed from it.  Needless to say, I can’t take the time to really reflect upon these changes they are happening so fast as we still are trying to get everything ready for our departure.  I’ll keep you all updated as the time presents itself.

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20 Responses to “Permafrost Ranch Update”

  1. FLNative says:

    So sorry for your loss. I hope seeing this little squirrel put a smile on your face if only for a minute of your stressful day. Prayers for you, the family and the critters at Permafrost Ranch.

  2. Molly says:

    Hang in there Bud.

  3. Munford says:

    Oh Bob! So sorry about Elvis. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet that we have had so long and he has become a true member of the family. My heart goes out to you and your wife on this loss.
    So glad to find out Bubba and Ruby have a baby, but was saddened to find out that they had lost one. Hope Bubba is around there somewhere watching all your activity as you prepare to leave. I bet his heart is heavy also.
    Two sweet little, little babies on the feeder today. Sooooo cute. Will the momma squirrels have anymore babies this year or do they only have one litter a year in March? These babies look really, really small to have been born in March. They are so tiny and so cute!
    Can’t understand why my squirrels are eating so much right now at this time of year. I would think they would eat more in the winter, but I am using more feed than in the winter. Maybe because of all the young squirrels and it is easier to eat from the feeder that to find their own food???
    Take care. You and Wifey don’t work too hard. Take some breaks. We aren’t as young as we used to be. This thorough deep house cleaning is killing my knees from getting up and down and sitting on the floor Indian style. Also notice I seem to be much slower at it than I used to be. Oh well, life is good. I don’t have anything to really gripe about and God gives me so many blessings each day.

  4. littlesnow says:

    That baby squirrel is just so precious! No wonder Ruby was so protective & gave Bubba such a hard time. I pray & wish them all well as you guys leave…I know that God will provide. So sorry to hear about Elvis, I love weiner dogs too, I know you will miss him terribly also. Lots of changes all at once for your family. I will pray & think of you & the critters on the Permafrost Ranch often, I wish all of you good times 🙂 I will be looking for more updates on your travels & hope you and your wife will be very happy. 🙂 Happy traveling, Bob, I know this must be bittersweet for you & yours.

  5. Z from Chicago says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Elvis, Bob. It’s so hard when a pet’s time comes. Right now he’s running about like a puppy in pet heaven. (But I’ve heard that Elvis will be around forever, you know.)

    It’s good to see that Bubba has a young’un to carry on those charm genes. Your molassas and peanut butter has given him a healthy start in life.

    You’ve been having a yard sale all week! It looks as if you’ve sold a lot of stuff. When are you going to be on the road? I’m looking forward to your postings here of all the adventures you encounter. It’s been great to see how many people are regular visitors to your blog.

  6. Bravo says:

    I’m so sorry, Bob. It’s tough enough saying goodbye to house and home without having to leave one of the family behind.

    But just the same, a small, precious little one to let you know that where one must say goodbye, another says hello.

  7. beanz says:

    Hi bob

    I am so sorry to hear about your elvis coming to his life end. i am also sorry to hear you found a poor little baby squirrel dead in your shed.

    I do hope bubba is still ok as you said you hadn’t seen him due to been busy thing for your move.

    I want to wish you all the best in your move to where ever you are going to.

    beanz xx

  8. BruceB says:

    My sympathy to you and family for losing Elvis. It is very sad indeed to lose a special friend. God bless. Elvis will always be with you, in your memory and heart.

  9. dotolive says:

    When my mother was leaving her house for the last time, a dog we had that was 18 years old and a part of our family was found dead in the backyard. Sad at the time but as we were also so busy we could not morn for long. Later when things were more settled I was and am still left with the thought that this was his way of saying that he was staying there and not going to accept a new life at that age. It was two ends of life that we would never know again but not the end of many memories. I now would not have wanted to put him through such a move with his age and felt like God knew it would be too much on him, so he took him home.
    Painful now for you Bob but maybe best for Elvis as your life will be taking such a drastic changes.
    He will forever be watching over the Permafrost Ranch while you are gone.

  10. Z from Chicago says:

    dotolive, what a lovely posting.

  11. BruceB says:

    “dotolive, what a lovely posting.”

    I agree, and a special way of looking at the loss of a loved one.

    Just a few days ago, I had chatted with Bob about the loss of one of our dogs at my home.

  12. I got to know you through IRC and really didn’t know much about this squirlcam other than you did it. I was always blessed by the fact you had Santa come and do a broadcast every day up to Christmas. And the one year I got to paticipate as Blitzen (I think) one of the reindeer, And Santa said Merry Christmas to my two boys was just an awesome awesome blessing.

    I will be looking forward to the southern creatures you find when someone finally asks you “what is that thing on your front bumper?”


  13. dotolive says:

    Thank you Bruce and Z. It was a sad but peaceful blessing for me to leave him there at a place that meant the world to me. My memories of my home there are extended to know he is still there. I know exactly how Bob feels and how he will feel about it years later.

  14. dotolive says:

    Bob…. how do the new owners feel about the squirrels? Have they mentioned continuing to feed them? Do they read the blog? What will happen to the chickens? Not knowing is driving me crazy!

  15. Julia Dumps says:

    Bob, I am so sorry to hear that you lost your Elvis…and Bubba’s baby. I sure hope Bubba is okay. I wish things could have turned out differently for you. However, I wanted to let you know how much you will be missed and your webcam! I hope the move goes well and you are safe while traveling. I hope the new owners like the squirrels and continue to feed them. I was hoping I’d get a chance to meet you and your family in person in NP. I am planning a trip..I’m pretty sure, in about 3 wks. I spoke to you about my son & daughter-in-law that live in NP and are expecting. Today is going to be the day! She’s in the hospital going through labor right as I type this..6:50 pm your time in NP. 🙂 God Bless and take care.
    Julie, Balto, MD

  16. Databrokers says:

    dotolive, the new owners say they will continue to feed the squirrels. The girls and Rodney the rooster are just moving down the road to some neighbors chicken coop. She said they would let them live out their natural lives. So the neighbors will continue to hear Rodney letting the world know he’s the man. I’m going to really miss him and the squirrels, but it’s time for me to start this other journey. I wish I could take them all with me.

  17. dotolive says:

    Thanks Bob for letting me know. I know you are busy and that was a sacrifice I am sure. I hope the new owners know what a famous paradise they are buying. I am so glad to know they are going to keep feeding the squirrels. I am REALLY glad to hear the chickens will continue to be close and will be able to live out their natural life there. I am really glad you are starting this new journey. I think you are ready. Because of who you are Bob, only good things and good people will continue to enrich your life. I will miss you but I will continue to follow you no matter where you are.

  18. Ed B says:

    I had a mini Doxie about 35 years ago. Pepper was her name. She passed long ago but I remember her well. I have another mini Doxie, ROSIE, and she is a great friend. I think, like Dorothy said, Elvis did not want to leave home. He will stay home but obviously wanted you to go on your adventure without worrying about Elvis. Be happy and enjoy your new chapter in living. I will miss your camera but wish you well.

    Travel safely.


  19. cajunwes says:

    ive been a bystander on this site for a while now. im going to really miss, the chatter, the rooster etc, im happy i recorded many days n nights of the sounds, and rainy days n nites, at least i have that,, good luck n god bless, hope u set up again.. cajunwes110@aol.com be well , be safe.

  20. Julia Dumps says:

    Data Broker, Well the baby didn’t come until 7/18! But she is healthy and beautiful! I am a grandma at last! And I have booked my ticket for 9/4/09! I’ll be in NP and I know I’ll enjoy my visit. Just wished it had been a little sooner. But I do hope to hear from you and hope you and your wife have a safe trip-where ever you decide to make home. God Bless!

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