June 29 2009

Little Red Squirrels

Little Red Beauties


Couldn’t sleep this evening and was watching the flyers on the cam.  But the little Reds were also active in the evenings this time of the year.  They are so pretty but so aggressive towards each other.  Nonetheless, what a subject they have made for me to photograph.  Now, since we may be traveling around the country, I’ll have to break out into other subjects.  It will be a good change forcing me to take different pictures in different ways.  Hopefully, I’ll get lucky enough to capture a few good ones.

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3 Responses to “Little Red Squirrels”

  1. BruceB says:

    The Red Squirrels are so much different than our grays here in Virginia. Of course they have their territories , and same basic traits, but the Red Squirrels I like the best. All of them are so lovable. Great photography.

    Could watch the cam for hours and hours.

  2. littlesnow says:

    Great pic, Bob! So precious, 🙂 Will be waiting to hear your decision, hope you keep up the blog if you decide to go. I will be looking forward to it.

  3. Bravo says:

    I never realized until I started watching the squirrelcam just how aggressive these little fuzzers are. Constantly vocalizing, whether chittering, growling, or those unique crying, pinging sounds they make. And one located anywhere near another is a back and forth verbal exchange. So funny when one of them is sitting near the mic, and they fuss and burble. Our grays and blacks are sure quiet by comparison.

    I keep hearing about Arizona… I hope you find inspiration as the thought wheels turn. =]

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