June 26 2009

Isma On The Feeder

Isma Pigging Out


I had no sooner got this bowl of peanut butter mixture out on the feeder and she was right there.  I think she was hungry, because I was busy all morning an didn’t get a chance to get the bowl refilled.  Peanut butter and molasses, the molasses gives them some essential vitamins that hey need.  Specially the calcium that’s in it.

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2 Responses to “Isma On The Feeder”

  1. Munford says:

    Okay, I am behind times and not caught up with all your new squirrels. Who is this Isma?
    Did you ever give a name to the female young squirrel we called Little Girl? Is Little Girl Isma or Ruby?
    Gee, I have never fed the peanut butter to squirrels here. Didn’t realize they needed what was in it. I better get some and put out on the feeder. Will I have a problem with ants covering it? Remember I am in TX and there are so many different kinds right here in my back yard. After that whole week of rain we had two weeks ago, we are seeing new little ant hills, lines, etc of them. They never seem to ever be on the feeder where I put the seed mixture out daily though-corn, sunflower seeds and peanuts in the shells.Where is a good place to buy peanut butter in bulk/big containers?
    My feeder is like your big one and I get so many different kinds of birds eating here daily. The mourning doves are so pretty and trusting. I worry about them being too trusting of perhaps other people.

  2. littlesnow says:

    Awww…she was hungry 🙂 Nice tip about the molasses, looks like she was waiting for you, lol!

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