June 16 2009

Midnight Raid on the Feeder

Bubba Raiding the Feeder


Bubba was on the feeder at 2 AM in the morning.  I guess trying to keep from having to deal with the Mrs Ruby.  He had no sooner ate and left, when here comes Ruby just raising a ruckus.  Nonetheless he’s looking very healthy and I’m sure glad to see the old boy.


3 Responses to “Midnight Raid on the Feeder”

  1. beanz says:

    Ahh what a sweet little chap he is & it great to see and hear he is doing well.
    its great he is still coming to the feeder too.

  2. Munford says:

    So glad to see Bubba looking so spiffy and well. I love this darling Bubba. Thanks for the picture. Seeing those dead trees you cut down makes me sick… not as sick as I know you feel though. That is so sad! My kitty is on my printer right now printing something. Wonder what that will be? Teddy usually is on top of my laptop when I am typing.
    Oh, you should see the precious baby squirrels feeding in my back yard. They are precious and so little. Can’t believe they are putting away the food like they are since everything is green here and hot! Little ones really are putting the seeds away. Why do some babes have such pretty bushy tails and some just have skinny ugly ones with hardly any fur at all?
    Also, have one baby possum under a hood of old car in back yard. He is just barely old enough to be away from Mom. Haven’t seen her or any of his siblings. Hope he will be okay. He is so small. Hope something didn’t happen to his family and he was the only one left. Hubby just closed the hood and put a tarp on the car. We haven’t bothered him again (since June 9th) and we have really had some bad storms since then. I have been throwing my seed mixture under car hoping he will eat it. Probably when we lift hood of car we will have a nest of squirrels. That possum won’t chew the wiring, but I bet the squirrels would. If they have done that I am going to be in big trouble with hubby. Maybe he won’t notice I have been throwing seed under there. I haven’t told him!

  3. littlesnow says:

    SO great to see Bubba! 🙂 Glad he missed the wrath of Miss Ruby, lol good to see him on the feeder still & looking so healthy.

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