April 10 2009

Then and Now

This Place 1976

Home1976.jpg Pic2.jpg

If interested contact:  http://www.servingfairbanks.com/

Pic1 copy.jpg

Lots of changes since then, trees are much bigger.


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5 Responses to “Then and Now”

  1. Melissa says:

    What kind of vehicle was parked in the drive in 1976? What were your feelings as you moved in as compared to how you feel now? Thanks for sharing!

  2. Databrokers says:

    It was a Dodge Colt Station wagon and a Ford Pickup in the drive way, but our feelings as we moved in in 1976 was written on the back of the picture. It said ” Our Tailer”, “our Trees” “our dirt” “ours ours ours finally. It was in my wife’s handwriting.

  3. Z from Chicago says:

    It’s hard to move from a place where you’ve lived for a long time. Just deciding on what to do with all the stuff that gets accumulated over the years is hard, let alone the move itself.

    My boyfriend and I had a house for over 20 years and were moving to a condo. The amount of stuff we gave away and tossed was pretty amazing. A lot of things we gave to charities and other things we put out with the trash. People would go through it and take what they wanted. The difficulty was offset by being pleased that there were people out there who could use what we couldn’t. We knew how much room we would have and figured out how much to get rid of that way. There were some things I would have liked to have kept, but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

  4. Melissa says:

    Neat Bob! Now, on to something new….

  5. Terry Moore says:

    We wish you and yours many adventures and ton’s of fun as you take to the roads in the lower 48, enjoy the low food costs and clothing costs…most of all Bob enjoy the weather, where cold is 65 degrees to locals and warm as toast to you. Bless you and yours..enjoyed your Squirrels.

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